Alpha Omega Bioremediation Overview
Using indigenous microbes in a proprietary process and in accordance with current environmental laws and goals,our processes remediate soils, ground water, and surface water contaminated by toxic non-radioactive products through the safe and effective use of organic, harmless, indigenous microbes in formulated consortiums.  Using a natural cycle through fortified and selective feedings, our natural, organic microbial process can dramatically reduce contaminants of concern and restore land and water to safe and usable levels creating a healthy balanced environment.  
What makes Alpha so great?

• Restore ecosystem and biotic integrity with no threat to human, animal, or plant life 
• Provide effective cleanup at a reasonable cost 
• Minimize impacts to riparian zone and wildlife
• Improve environmental quality of local habitats
• Minimize social and historical impacts
• Reduce risks to human health and the environment
• Minimize negative impact to the ecosystem
• Passive Remedy
• Long-lasting, continues to work after one application
• Single celled solution for mitigating environmental contamination(COC)
• Harnesses naturally occurring biogeochemical processes;
• Destroys or immobilizes contaminants rather than transfer them from one environmental media to another.

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