The “New” Natural Solution to Some Old Problems

Using indigenous microbes in a proprietary process and in accordance with current environmental laws and goals, Alpha remediates non-radioactive contaminated soils, ground water, and surface water through the safe and effective use of organic, non-toxic, indigenous microbial formulations. Using a natural cycle, Alpha’s microbial process can mitigate harmful contaminants dramatically reducing contaminants of concern, restoring land and water to safe and usable levels. Alpha feels that it’s natural, organic approach of reversing the toxic harms of pollution and waste sets the standard for the restoration industry.

Although the use of microbes to dissolve toxic chemicals into harmless byproducts is a relatively new concept in today’s restoration market, Alpha is carrying on the success of each and every one of the over 250 jobs performed by its predecessor, Lambda Bioremediation Systems (“LBSI”) who had been operating within the remediation industry for over 30 years providing full-service microbial solutions to hazardous or environmentally harmful situations with a 100 percent success rate. Having spent the last 30 years in a major effort to restore the environment to safe, healthy usable levels, no other restoration technology has the 100 percent success rate on each job site that Alpha and its predecessor LBSI has regardless of the arena –
            Industrial Mixed Waste (Fossil fuels, volatile and semi-volatile hydrocarbons, etc.)
            Heavy Metals, Chemicals, PCBs 
            Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution (manure and fertilizer, sludge lagoons)
            Algal Blooms – blue green, red, brown
            Landfill leachate / methane 

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Dedicated to restoring the environment, 
improving quality of life and protecting
human health through the use of all 
natural biotechnology.